Thrivalism defined

by Sharon Heller on June 3, 2011


Thrivalism offers an opposite–or perhaps it’s more an expansive addition–to the concept of Survivalism. So, if you know how to pronounce Suvival, you can pronounce, Thrival.  Thrivalism far exceeds survivalism; and I’d much rather be a Thrivalist than a survivalist.

You won’t find Thrival or any of  its derivatives in the dictionary. That, in my humble opinion, says a lot about the culture in which we find ourselves.

I am a Thrivalist. I want YOU to be a thrivalist do.

Together we will create a culture of Thrivalism. We will put an emphasis on Being and Love. We will move out of the limiting beliefs of fear  lack. We will transform the actions that keep us held captive of mere suvivalist behaviors. Together we will change the world. That is our simple goal. (See me grin here).

Thrivalism is a philosophy that promotes a way of Being in the world. It means the fulfillment of what Life has always intended for YOU.

Please join me on this exciting journey in discovery of all that YOU ARE and all that LIFE wants for YOU.

 [Credit to Cynthiaelle for her beautiful YouTube video]