Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Because I offer such a wide variety of service to people of any age, background or ability, people often have questions.

How do you spiritually mentor someone?

People have always confided in me. As long as I can remember I’ve served the roles of teacher and counselor. Even as a child, adults told me their problems. I would listen and somehow they always felt better.

I was born “psychic”–a sensitive, an intuitive. Then, after a profound Near-Death-Experience, “knowing” and healing gifts have continually expanded. My listening has taken on deeper meaning; and though I will never tell you what to do or how to be, I am able to assist you to uncover and remove blocks so that you can find your own answers. My greatest delight is in revealing your highest and truest self to YOU!.

What training and experience do you have?

My gratitude for all the experiences, teachers, guides, mentors and role models who have helped form the person I am today.

  • Trainer/mentor: Center for Soulful Living (3 year training and numerous workshops with the incomparable spiritual mentor, Bill Bauman, PhD).
  • Instructor/Faculty: Brain Gym
  • Core Specialist/Instructor  (of 6 programs): MNRI
  • Waldorf/Steiner trained and experienced Early Childhood, Grades and Curative Education; (also helped develop and taught at a Waldorf-inspired High School).

Where can I learn more about your programs?

How can I receive your services?

Spiritual mentoring (or what I refer to as “hands off healing”) can be done onsite or at a distance via Skype, FaceTime or similar apps. I am available to individuals and groups. You can come to my place, or I can travel (at additional cost).

Hands on sessions are done at my home office in Austin, TX. If there are several people seeking my services, I might travel to your location (at additional cost).

How much do you charge for your services?

After you have contacted me and we have determined your needs and location of services we will discuss costs.

How do I get on your schedule?

Please see my schedule page to check availability and then contact me.